7 December 2020
Four cheese pizza
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Ingredients 250 g of pizza doughTomato coulisTomato coulisGrated parmesan80 g
La Diavola pizza
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Ingredients:Dough220 g of water1 C. Powdered sugar20 g fresh baker's
Four Seasons pizza
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INGREDIENTSFor the pizza dough:-1 packet of preparation for my Francine
Capricciosa pizza
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Dough ingredients:-300 ml of lukewarm water-450 g flour-Instant yeast-1 fine
Marinara pizza
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INGRÉDIENTS: -1 pizza dough-1 ladle of tomato sauce-1 clove of
Sicilienne Pizza
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Ingredients-2 tbsp. Tomato coulis-100g of mozzarella-8 anchovy fillets in oil-10
hawaïenne Pizza
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Ingredients:-Pizza dough-1 can of sauce-tomato-6 thin slices of ham cut
royale Pizza
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INGREDIENTS: 2 PERS.-1 ready-to-roll pizza dough-1 tomato-150 g of diced
Calzone Pizza
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Ingredients:-Pizza dough-Tomato Sauce For Pizza-2 egg yolks-1 egg-Mozzarella-Mushroom-Basil-Aromatic herbs-Salt or
Reine Pizza
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FOR THE PIZZA DOUGH:-250g of flour -2tbsp. tablespoon of olive